The Mark of the Beast

Revelation 13:16

“And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,”

This writing is symbolic. To be given the mark on ones right hand, means that you will not be able to do or produce anything without the mark of the beast. To be given the mark on ones forehead means  that you will not be able to think or to invent anything without the mark of the beast being involved.

Revelation 13:17

“and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

The key words here are symbology and numerology. But the mark of the beast also has everything to do with economics, politics and the so-called free market. Those individuals who rule the world today also run the supersized multinational corporations and organisations. They have now come so far on their way to fulfill the prophecies, they even rule over government officials and entire nations.

No future for You, unless you play by Their rules

Today, you could never reach any kind of position in society, or have any kind of career, without giving yourself completely to “the other side”. If you get recognized and approved by Them, you might be part of the game.

You could never run a business without using the mark of the beast, in one way or another. Try to avoid Them, and you would not stay long in business. They own the banks, the insurance companies, the media etc. They have the power to make your life miserable.

This way, when every single business is marked by the beast, no single person, nor any company, would be able to buy or to sell anything without the mark.

So, what does it look like, this mark of the beast?

The beast has many marks and it comes in different shapes, but they all bear the same meaning. They are the symbols of evil. Open your eyes and take a look around you, the mark is already here, in logos all over the world.

You find the mark in logos of official organisations in every country, in logos of global organisations of any kind, in banking industry, insurance companies, and pharmaceuticals, and almost any other private business you can think of.


Please consider the following images carefully:


Mark of Beast II

The letter ALFA is depicting the great PYRAMID and OMEGA is the sign for ETERNITY – they will rule forever. Wear a TRIANGLE, a SWIRL, or a STAR, if you support their agenda.

The top of the pyramid represents the EYE and a select few who will be saved from the WWW(3). A flipped over pyramid represents the chaos and destruction of the masses during the shift to the NWO.

Mark of Beast I

M and W signify the BEAST, the TRINITY and also the PYRAMID – as up-right standing and up-side down – just like in the letters A and V.

TRINITY comes as letters M, W, E and number 3, representing the MONSTER in hundreds of labels. NAILS are symbolism of demonic power and authority.

Mark of Beast III

The CUBE represents the dark forces of the KABAH. Letters KA/CA means BLACK. And yes, also Islam comes out of Judaism and the Kabb-Alah, which means “Lord of Darkness” or, “The Dark Lord“.

Vesica Pisces represents the female VULVA and the Moon Goddess Isis/Inanna. This is a symbol with “secret” meanings, used by the Freemasons while acting as representatives of religious movements. This symbol is used in both Christianity and Islam, and many other religions.

Kaaba-Black Stone - Mekka - Worship of Moon Goddess Inanna

(The Muslims are not aware of their pagan worship of the Moon Goddess, but they still kiss her vulva every day in Mekka.)

The EYE of Horus is the Eye of The BEAST, also called the Eye of RAH – “OpRah”. The Eye is also called Bulls Eye and One-Eyed Monster.

Are You awakening?

Open your eyes and you will see the signs everywhere, in your home, on your TV, on your clothes. Get rid of it. Don’t be a part of Their evil game!

Here’s a few brands logos, but there are thousands more. Global corporations are buying companies all over the world, and suddenly, old brands show up with completely new logos, all looking somewhat the same.


Please consider the following images carefully:


Mark of The Beast Found in Brands - Alfa Pyramid Forever Omega          Mark of The Beast Found in Brands - OPA - Eye of Horus - Eye of Rah - OPRAH

Mark of The Beast Found in Brands - Trinity Monster          Mark of The Beast Found in Brands - Vesica Pisces


Enlighten Yourself

“The Truth may scare You, Part 18”

These videos are revealing secret knowledge. You might want to watch them all.

The signs that you are seeing around you are for real… be aware of their significance.

Wether you’re religious or not, you need to educate yourself about what is going on in this world, because there will soon be great change indeed.

We are in a Psychological and Spiritual warfare against the forces of Evil.

Origin of the Trinity – YHWH

Enki, Enlil & Ninhursaga

The letter “W” in the Tetragrammaton symbolises the Trinity, but not as Father, Son and Spirit. The true origin of the trinity concept can be found in the most ancient proto Sumerain scriptures, as three divine entities who descended on earth through the holy spirit of An – Enki, Enlil and Ninhursaga, two males and one female.

(The Holy Spirit of the One Creator was in the most ancient scriptures bearing the name “An“, although the Hebrews instead used the letter “Yod” to signify this most high god.)


YH – “Behold Spirit”      WH – “Behold Trinity”

First letters YH (Yod+Heh) is depicting the spirit of God (Yod) becoming earth-bound in the letter “Vav”. Although the Hebrew sign for “Vav” is depicting only One divine entity (as in YHVH), the sign “Shin” shows us this earthbound entity as threefold (as in YHWH).

The Hebrew meaning for the letter “vav” is “nail” and the Hebrew sign for “shin” is showing three nails. The letter “W” therefore stands for three divine nails, and as such, the Trinity. The first three gods walking on earth.

Demonic nails


Three nails are associated with Jesus Christ and the crucifixion. The same nails are therefore also a sign for the Beast.

The movie “The Rite”, with Anthony Hopkins starring, is a good example of this, as a girl possessed by a demon vomits three large iron nails at the end of the exorcism, as the demon leaves her body.

Another example is the popular Monster brand, which if you look carefully depicts three Hebrew nails as the letter M. Also many Hollywood Monsters always give a scratching with three scars on their vicitms.

crown - Copy - Copy

 Signs of demonic power

This is something that our masters have kept as secret symbology, while at the same time they love showing it quite openly. Their symbols are everywhere just to show their power over mankind.

This is a childish game they are playing, by teaching lies to the ignorant masses while keeping truth for themselves. The result: confusion among the sheeple, and they feeling superior.

The Trinity of the Beast – “M”

If you learn to recognize the many signs representing the Trinity, you will see them everywhere, especially as logos of large global corporations, governmental authorities, and as the coat of arms of some very old nobility.

And just like the meaning of the pyramid is changing by pointing upwards or downwards, so does the meaning of the sign for Trinity. By turning the letter “W” into the letter “M”, which means the “netherworld”. By this flip, the three heavenly gods of the trinity are instead three demons of the underworld.

The Creation of Man

According to the Sumerian scriptures the Spirit of An was materialized on earth, as three divine entities. These gods then created “Man” in their image, through blending their holy genes with those (“creatures”) already living on Earth. As a “son of god” the first Man on Earth was considered a demigod.

Then they also created a servant to “Man”, who was given the name “Enkidu“, today called “Son of Man” or, “Kind of Man”, or simply “Mankind“. The Sumerian creationism has clearly been taken on by the Hebrews. They regarded themselves as sons of god, and considered “mankind” to be their slaves.

Origin of Religion

Way before even the Sumerian religion there was a pantheon of different gods over the elements. If there was a “trinity” in the days before the Sumerians, it would have been the Sun God – the “Shining One “, the “Mother of Earth” and the “Moon of darkness”.

Sun and Moon

Naturally the sun was the most high in the cold northern hemisphere and the Moon was preferred in the south, as the sun was rather destructive to the people. Good and evil, as light and darkness, has always been interwoven and part of religion.

Also the most shining stars and planets had their roles to play, which later formed the Astrology. Also the stars of Orions Belt for sure make a very oldversion of the trinity concept.

You see, all the religious scriptures are made up fantasies!

The Kish Tablets – The Source of Understanding

If you want to study Sumerian original scriptures, avoid the Akkadian and Babylonian versions. Search for “Gilgamesh epic cycle”. There are translations of the very first scriptures, the “Kish tablets“, from Oxford University:

Why Islam is coming to Europe

The concept of Religion is used by our masters to rule the world. This way they keep “bending the bones” to their will. It doesn’t matter if the name of your religion is Christianity or Islam, as these religions were created out of the same ancient scriptures and the Hebrew foundation of “world orders”.

The original Sumerian scriptures were manipulated to better fit the agenda of a certain people, by the ancestors of todays master elite. Many ancient secrets and knowledge about how to manipulate the sheeple, have been descended through bloodline. (Please watch “Ancient knowledge” and “Truth may scare you” on YouTube, to get a hint of this forbidden (hidden) knowledge)

The scriptures of both the Quran and the Bible are solely made as tools of power and make different parts of the same game. Missing parts of the Bible can be found in the Quran, and vice versa.

Failure of Christianity

Christianity has failed because it’s followers have stopped believing. The “deceiver” has played it’s part, corrupting western civilization right in time for the switch.

Time has come for Islam to conquer the western world. It is crucial to point out though, that Islam is not coming to Europe by its own means, or because the religion is any superior to Christianity. No. Islam is taking over Europe almost peacefully, since it was decided by some to open the gates. (The same people established the UN and the EU)

The game was settled long time ago. Once you realize this, you also understand that the demoralization of western societies, and the deprivation of Christianity, was intentionally caused to fulfill the end time prophecies of both Christianity and Islam.

The Quran and the End Times

There is one crucial part missing in the Book of Revelation. We are told that true Christians will be put under great pressure and persecution by “the false religion”, but the scriptures tells nothing about who will be doing this.

We find the answer in the Quran, as the Muslim Jesus descends and converts the world to Islam. All christians will be converted, and those who refuse will get killed.

(Quran: Book 041, no 6985; Vol 3, Book 43, no 656; Book 37, no 4310)

Christians and Muslims are diametrically opposed to each other. Interestingly though, both religions share a belief in Jesus Christ as savior, and in both the Quran and the Bible, the same evil doers of this world are clearly pointed out.

I’m afraid though, that the same people who created both religions will keep on ruling the world even after the “Deluge”, in their new world order.

The scary truth

Our masters follow the stars and the timeline of the Zodiac, just like they already did millenia ago. The age of Aquarius is marker of the end and a new beginning – the death and the rebirth of this world order.

Zodiac - Grå

Christianity was created for the age of Pisces, to be destroyed in the age of Aquarius. Meanwhile, Islam was set up as the opponent to Christianity, to play the role of accuser and destroyer.

WARNING: Following this trace further will lead you to some very unpleasant truth about the world you live in. Please make sure you have someone to share your findings with.

Herren Gilgamesh

Det pågår stora förändringar i världen, på en skala som mänskligheten aldrig tidigare skådat. Den som söker en förklaring hittar ofta fram till ett antal olika konspirationer, men de grundläggande orsakerna finner man endast i mycket gamla sedvänjor. Endast genom våra allra äldsta skrifter kan man nå ett tillstånd av upplysning om vad som komma skall.

Gilgamesh eposet

Världens äldsta skrift – The Epics of Gilgames – är självaste originalet till otaliga religiösa skrifter och hjältesagor genom historien, författad omkring 2 600 f.k.*#

En direktöversättning av Kish-tavlorna från Sumeriska till Engelska, från Oxford University. Undvik att läsa senare versioner från Akkad och Babylon. Originalskrifterna förvanskades nämligen genast.

Lertavlorna handlar om hjälten och guda-konungen Gilgames [‘gilgamesh’] i dennes jakt på hemligheten bakom evigt liv. I fem berättelser skildras bl a hur han reser till Gudarnas berg och dödar odjuret Huwawa [‘hovava’], hur han avlivar sin egen befolkning när de var “fulla av synd” (de ville inte lyda hans lagar), och han visar oss till och med “The Order of the Netherworld”, som är begynnelsen till begreppet The New World Order – Den Nya Världsorningen.

The New World Order

Den nya världsordningen eller, “De Nya Tingens Ordning” som det kallas i Bibeln, handlar om den värld som håller på att skapas för de flesta av oss, just i dessa tider. NWO är en ordlek från våra styrande, som älskar att driva med mänskligheten.

Etymologi av ordet nether: [nether – neother – neo – new]. Samtidigt så betyder ordet “neother” även “below” (under). Uttrycket Netherworld betyder i den bemärkelsen inget annat än Underjorden.


Vad vi har att vänta

De kallar världsordningen för “neo” world order, men syftar egentligen på inget annat än ordets ursprungliga betydelse, som förstås är Netherworld Order – Underjordens Ordning.

Vad våra (själv-) utvalda ledare menar med den nya världsordningen är att allt som tidigare gällt nu ställs på sitt huvud – ett paradigmskifte – pyramiden ska vändas upp och ned.


Det finns mycket att säga om vad som avses med denna nya “nedre ordning”. Att överbefolkningen kommer att förpassas till dödsriket är min fulla övertygelse, men det finns två ytterligare aspekter:

1) Avfolkning – att förpassa en stor del av jordens överbefolkning till Dödsriket. (Ledtrådar: chemtrails, kvicksilver, fluorid, vaccin, medicin)

2) Mångudinnan – den nedre delen av världen som sedan urminnes tider haft månen som “ledstjärna” och symbol för sin religion, kommer att dominera världen i stället för den övre delen, som har sedan urminnes tider haft solen som ledstjärna och symbol. (Islam och Judendom grundades på tidigare religioner som dyrkade mångudinnan)

3) Feminismen – Pyramiden, Obelisken och den uppåtriktade triangeln är symboler för den patriarkaliska makten. Omvänt symboliserar den nedåtriktade triangeln kvinnan och det matriarkaliska. Norr och Söder- Upp och Ner – Solen och Månen – Man och Kvinna.

Intressant nog så sammanfaller alla tre med varandra och kan genomföras under samma form av världsordning. Månen representerar natten, mörkret och döden, men samtidigt även moder jord, det kvinnliga och mångudinnan Inanna/Isis/Selene.

Gudamänniskor och Människosöner

Gilgamesh har i berättelsen en följeslagare vid namn Enkidu. Han fick sitt namn efter guden Enki – den förste sonen till den allsmäktige guden An. Enkidu har en central roll i eposet som den förste “människosonen” (Son of Man). Han skapades av gudarna som följeslagare och slav till “gudasonen” Gilgamesh (Son of God).

I somliga religiösa skrifter kommer detta till uttryck i relationen mellan Man vs Goy. Enligt de judiska lärorna så skapade gudarna människan (Gilgamesh) till sin egen avbild. Sedan skapades “gentiles” (goyim) som slavar till människan, till människans avbild .

Sumerernas religion tillkom dock 2000-3000 år före Judendomen. En viss folkgrupp tog således Sumerernas berättelser till sin egen religion, utsåg sig själva till Guds utvalda folk och kallade andra människor för sina slavar.

Det (själv-) utvalda folket

Detta folk har alltsedan Babylons dagar manipulerat den ursprungliga sumeriska religionen till något helt annat. De har författat religiösa skrifter som verktyg för att styra över andra folk. I dessa skrifter har man infogat profetior som man just nu försöker att infria. Om de lyckas, så får vi en helt ny världsordning, där vi alla kommer att styras från ett enda land och en enda stad, av en regering med absolut makt över världens länder och folk.

De herrar och damer som styr vår planet stödjer allt vad de gör på gamla läror.

Vad värre är, så anser dessa människor att de är satta på jorden för att agera så väl skapare, som förstörare av både liv och materia. Detta faktum blir uppenbart för den som tar sig tid att läsa Gilgamesh eposet, och sedan jämför skrifterna med Bibeln, Koranen och Talmud, som alla är sprungna ur sagorna om Gilgamesh från Sumer.


History is repeating itself

                       POLAR SHIFT   ICE AGE
”Atlantis” flooded by melting ice Virgo 10 000 BC
Cultures of the sun, moon and stars. Leo    8000 BC
Cancer    6000 BC
Sumeria An Gemini    4000 BC
Egypt Rah           –
Babylon Baal Taurus    2000 BC
Jerusalem Gudea Aries          0
Rome          (The Sun)     + Christ Pices    2000 AD
Mecca         (The Moon Allah            –
New World Order Spiritism Aquarius

Our world leaders, the “Illuminati”, are following the movement of the Sun, the Moon and the stars to set the time line for their future agendas. This time we will see a large scale depopulation never seen before.

It is also time for christianity to be taken out by “the accuser”, and if you study the Quran, you’ll know this accuser as the Islamic religion and the muslim “Ummah”. Our leaders want this to happen. They think chaos and destruction must take place for their new world order to begin.

This system is very old and it will go on for eternity, unless people wake up and see what they are doing.