What is The New World Order?

I will now show you the origin of the New World Order concept.

The most ancient writings of the world are the Sumerian Kish tablets, and the Epics of Gilgamesh, which dates to between 3000 and 2600 BC. These texts are the very foundation of many world religions, and especially the Abrahamic ones of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But these writings also reveal many “modern” concepts of today, which are being used by the masters of this world, as some kind of “secret knowledge”.


The original translations of the Kish Tablets, and other Proto Sumerian tablets, are hard to find online. What you may find, are many later Akkadian and Babylonian versions, which are not to be considered as original Sumerian. The reason for this is that there are some people who do not want you to read them. Why? Because it would destroy their manipulated religions and hidden agendas, if their sheeple would ever discover the truth.


The origin of the “New World Order”

In the Epics of Gilgamesh [originally Gilgames and pronounced Bilgamesh], there is a story called “Enkidu and the Order of the Netherworld“. In this story, Enkidu describes the “Order of The Netherworld” to his master Gilgamesh, after having sacrificed himself and been resurrected as a spirit. You can read about this in my other posts, showing that Enkidu is the forerunner of many Messianic figures through the ages.

(The Netherworld is simply the Underworld – the place where the dead are being held.)

The etymology of the word “nether” is “below” or “under“, but it can also be referred  to as the word “new” (nether-neother-neo), which is the one that has been chosen by our self nominated masters, for the expression of The New World Order. This is simply a word game of theirs, as they love to play with the ignorant masses. But the real significance of this order, is the order of the Underworld.

What does it mean?

With the NWO, the master elite of today want to establish a global government, with one global judicial system, and one global court of law (they will put themselves as our judges). They also want to create a one world economy, a new global language, and one global system of education. (Their own culture though, will remain as distinct and valuable).

This world order also consists of blending all humans into one single race, except for themselves, who will thereby make the only “pure-blooded” – the righteous ones – to rule over all others, as self nominated judges over the world population – that is, the ones who remain after the great depopulation or, “Deluge”.

Besides this, there are three possible interpretations to what the order of the netherworld of today is actually about:

1. The Zionist Order

In the apocalyptic scriptures of both the Torah, the Quran, and the Christian Bible, the end time days are described, with some differences, but for all of them the return of the righteous ones – “The Nations” – (descendants of the sons of Jacob) to Jerusalem  is crucial for the New World Order to be established, and for “the nations” to be able to rule the world from Zion.

2. The Netherworld Order

This is the order of the Underworld, which basically means the order of death and destruction, which would have to take place before the new age – the age of Aquarius – could begin. This order of chaos can also be found within all three versions of the end time scriptures.

The end time is not the end of the world, but the end of the age of Pisces, which historically speaking, is also supposed to be the end of Christianity. (As you may know, the age of Pisces begun the same day as “Jesus was born”).

3. The Order of the Moon goddess

Briefly speaking, the upright pyramid will now be flipped over to point downwards. The order of the masculine “Sun God” of the northern hemisphere will be switched to the feminine “Moon Goddess” of the south. (“Inanna” – the Sumerian Goddess of the night, warfare and destruction – the same as “Isis“).

This shift would be from Christianity to Islam and Judaism, which both are originally based on the worship of the Moon Goddess. And yes, we can clearly see this coming, as we speak, along with a shift to large-scale feminism, which is also clearly the case.


Since a very long time, this is a power game of Abrahamic realms, but our leaders are indeed trying to pull this off on a world scale, so that One World could finally be ruled upon, by peace or by force, from the temple mount of Zion. (Please read my article about the United Nations)

It may sound like a good idea to some, but never forget that these people have the strongest intention to rule upon us all, and that your life will be nothing.

Age of Aquarius – A new day dawning

As you may see, the three interpretations mentioned above, could very well be interwoven as parts of the same agenda – a New World Order.

With the end of the age of Pisces, we have now passed through all twelve ages of the zodiac. An Eon of time has thereby passed, and for the first time in history, man would experience the real “end of times”, and a new beginning is for sure taking place.

Chaos and destruction

Along with each new age, chaos and destruction have been brought upon humanity, as there was a destruction of the Egyptian society, aswell as of the Babylonian society, and the destruction of Rome. Now the time has come to the destruction of Christianity and the western civilization.

This time we will see the ultimate deception of mankind, as billions of people will have to die.


How will they do it? Long story short, they will put great pressure on us all, in many ways. Those who cannot take it and adapt to their great changes will be judged as unworthy and undesirable. Besides this, you will find their poison wherever you look for it, in the food that you eat, in the air your breathe and in your drinking water. (Search for Fluoride, Mercury and Chemtrails, to start with.)

Psychological warfare

There’s a psychological warfare going on for your mind, to manipulate your perception of reality. Stop watching TV and Hollywood productions. If you still believe the mainstream media, you are still not awake. If you wake up you will have a nervous reaction. If this happens, please stay calm and avoid all kinds of drugs, whatever they may be telling you to the contrary.

The Eye

The Bible will be unlocked

There are many misconceptions within the Bible. Large parts have deliberately been left out, not to reveal the true purpose of the scriptures. However, the hidden material and the intended interpretation is now being presented to us. It has already begun. Those who dare question the holy scriptures, and to seek the truth, will find that humanity have been greatly misled since thousands of years.

The main fraudulent issue is about the right to inherit Gods kingdom. It was never intended for the masses to become “righteous”, or even to have a chance to “inherit Gods Kingdom”. People of the masses will not be living in the coming “Paradise” of Jerusalem.

The only righteous ones are still, and always have been, the so-called sons of Jacob and their descendants. After all, They once wrote this for Themselves in the first place, since the days of Babylon. (Not Mesopotamia)

With the new age of Aquarius, a new order is being put in place in this world. In the Epics of Gilgamesh, we have all the information we need to discover the direction in which our masters are heading. The first writings of human history is the ultimate source of understanding. But you must also understand the true messages of the “holy” scriptures, to get the whole picture.

Please educate yourself and spread the truth, because time is running out.


Herren Gilgamesh

Det pågår stora förändringar i världen, på en skala som mänskligheten aldrig tidigare skådat. Den som söker en förklaring hittar ofta fram till ett antal olika konspirationer, men de grundläggande orsakerna finner man endast i mycket gamla sedvänjor. Endast genom våra allra äldsta skrifter kan man nå ett tillstånd av upplysning om vad som komma skall.

Gilgamesh eposet

Världens äldsta skrift – The Epics of Gilgames – är självaste originalet till otaliga religiösa skrifter och hjältesagor genom historien, författad omkring 2 600 f.k.


En direktöversättning av Kish-tavlorna från Sumeriska till Engelska, från Oxford University. Undvik att läsa senare versioner från Akkad och Babylon. Originalskrifterna förvanskades nämligen genast.

Lertavlorna handlar om hjälten och guda-konungen Gilgames [‘gilgamesh’] i dennes jakt på hemligheten bakom evigt liv. I fem berättelser skildras bl a hur han reser till Gudarnas berg och dödar odjuret Huwawa [‘hovava’], hur han avlivar sin egen befolkning när de var “fulla av synd” (de ville inte lyda hans lagar), och han visar oss till och med “The Order of the Netherworld”, som är begynnelsen till begreppet The New World Order – Den Nya Världsorningen.

The New World Order

Den nya världsordningen eller, “De Nya Tingens Ordning” som det kallas i Bibeln, handlar om den värld som håller på att skapas för de flesta av oss, just i dessa tider. NWO är en ordlek från våra styrande, som älskar att driva med mänskligheten.

Etymologi av ordet nether: [nether – neother – neo – new]. Samtidigt så betyder ordet “neother” även “below” (under). Uttrycket Netherworld betyder i den bemärkelsen inget annat än Underjorden.


Vad vi har att vänta

De kallar världsordningen för “neo” world order, men syftar egentligen på inget annat än ordets ursprungliga betydelse, som förstås är Netherworld Order – Underjordens Ordning.

Vad våra (själv-) utvalda ledare menar med den nya världsordningen är att allt som tidigare gällt nu ställs på sitt huvud – ett paradigmskifte – pyramiden ska vändas upp och ned.


Det finns mycket att säga om vad som avses med denna nya “nedre ordning”. Att överbefolkningen kommer att förpassas till dödsriket är min fulla övertygelse, men det finns två ytterligare aspekter:

1) Avfolkning – att förpassa en stor del av jordens överbefolkning till Dödsriket. (Ledtrådar: chemtrails, kvicksilver, fluorid, vaccin, medicin)

2) Mångudinnan – den nedre delen av världen som sedan urminnes tider haft månen som “ledstjärna” och symbol för sin religion, kommer att dominera världen i stället för den övre delen, som har sedan urminnes tider haft solen som ledstjärna och symbol. (Islam och Judendom grundades på tidigare religioner som dyrkade mångudinnan)

3) Feminismen – Pyramiden, Obelisken och den uppåtriktade triangeln är symboler för den patriarkaliska makten. Omvänt symboliserar den nedåtriktade triangeln kvinnan och det matriarkaliska. Norr och Söder- Upp och Ner – Solen och Månen – Man och Kvinna.

Intressant nog så sammanfaller alla tre med varandra och kan genomföras under samma form av världsordning. Månen representerar natten, mörkret och döden, men samtidigt även moder jord, det kvinnliga och mångudinnan Inanna/Isis/Selene.

Gudamänniskor och Människosöner

Gilgamesh har i berättelsen en följeslagare vid namn Enkidu. Han fick sitt namn efter guden Enki – den förste sonen till den allsmäktige guden An. Enkidu har en central roll i eposet som den förste “människosonen” (Son of Man). Han skapades av gudarna som följeslagare och slav till “gudasonen” Gilgamesh (Son of God).

I somliga religiösa skrifter kommer detta till uttryck i relationen mellan Man vs Goy. Enligt de judiska lärorna så skapade gudarna människan (Gilgamesh) till sin egen avbild. Sedan skapades “gentiles” (goyim) som slavar till människan, till människans avbild .

Sumerernas religion tillkom dock 2000-3000 år före Judendomen. En viss folkgrupp tog således Sumerernas berättelser till sin egen religion, utsåg sig själva till Guds utvalda folk och kallade andra människor för sina slavar.

Det (själv-) utvalda folket

Detta folk har alltsedan Babylons dagar manipulerat den ursprungliga sumeriska religionen till något helt annat. De har författat religiösa skrifter som verktyg för att styra över andra folk. I dessa skrifter har man infogat profetior som man just nu försöker att infria. Om de lyckas, så får vi en helt ny världsordning, där vi alla kommer att styras från ett enda land och en enda stad, av en regering med absolut makt över världens länder och folk.

De herrar och damer som styr vår planet stödjer allt vad de gör på gamla läror.

Vad värre är, så anser dessa människor att de är satta på jorden för att agera så väl skapare, som förstörare av både liv och materia. Detta faktum blir uppenbart för den som tar sig tid att läsa Gilgamesh eposet, och sedan jämför skrifterna med Bibeln, Koranen och Talmud, som alla är sprungna ur sagorna om Gilgamesh från Sumer.


Lucifer – Enki / Jesus – Enkidu

The ultimate sacrifice of God was to send his beloved son from heaven to earth, to die for the sins of mankind. This story has been told throughout the ages, in different versions and in most parts of the world. But there is an original story behind them all, the oldest story ever written – The Epics of Gilgamesh, of the Kish tablets – containing five amazing epics about the ancient hero king Gilgamec, pronounced [‘gilgamesh’].

In this article I will refer to the Sumerian Flood tablets, the Bible, and the story of Gilgamesh, Enkidu and the Netherworld: http://etcsl.orinst.ox.ac.uk/cgi-bin/etcsl.cgi?text=t. (Try to avoid the later Akkadian and Babylonian versions of these tablets, as they are all manipulated to better fit the history of a certain people.)

The Bull - The Beast

Gilgamesh slaying the Bull/the Beast, Huwawah, together with Enkidu, his follower.

Enki is Lucifer

Enki is one of the Trinity-Gods (Enki, Enlil and Ninhursaga), who first descended on earth. He was created by An, the One creator God, and was the first-born “Son of god”. Enki disobeyed his father and was punished for having saved mankind (yes), from destruction by a great flood. Therefore Enki was sent to the “Netherworld” (the underworld), to do repentance. One day he would rise again and return to his father’s side in the heavens.

In this story, the first to have ever been written, it seems pretty much as God’s ultimate sacrifice was his once beloved angel Lucifer (as we call him today). Lucifer was created by God, and he was thereby a Son of God. He disobeyed his father and got cast down to the underworld to do repentance, to one day be released again.

In the same story we recognize this Son of God as Jesus Christ, who saved mankind and who also got sacrificed by his father. There is both good and evil – light and darkness – in both Lucifer and Jesus. At least in the original scriptures. Apparently, they are both derived from the same source. Read on.

Enkidu is Jesus

“Enkidu” is a figure of the same ancient source – the Kish Tablets and the fourth epic of “Gilgames, Enkidu and the Netherworld”. In this part of the tablets, Enkidu was created by the Trinity-Gods (not by An) in the image of Man, as a “Son of Man”.

(This is why Genesis is telling about the creation of man i “our” image, as there were three gods involved, not one.)

Enkidu was sent by his Lord to the Netherworld to find the secret behind eternal life. Enkidu sacrificed himself and died in the underworld, after having committed all sins there was, despite of the many warnings from his Lord. But he was saved and returned to his master as a ghost. He then tells his master about the “Order of the Netherworld” or, as we call it today “the neo(-ther) world order” (N.W.O.)

(Etymology of the word ‘nether’ is from old English word ‘neoϷer’ from Greek word ‘neiothen’, which means neos and neo means “new”. Farfetched? Indeed, and exactly the way They want it, so that sleepy mankind wouldn’t understand.)

It seems pretty much as if the figure Enkidu was the forerunner of Jesus Christ, as he sacrificed himself and “died for all sins”, but got resurrected in the end and returned to his Lord.

In the same story, we recognize Enkidu as Lucifer, as he was sacrificed and sent to the underworld, for having committed great sins against his lords will, but got saved and released from the underworld.

Good and evil – light and darkness – in the same being, of the same source. (Not convinced? Read on…)


Jesus and Lucifer – The Morning Star

Both Lucifer and Jesus were sent from heaven to earth to be sacrificed by their same father and creator, and both returned from the underworld. The Bible tells us about the Morning star belonging to Lucifer. In the same Bible the Morning star was given to Jesus Christ.

In Isaiah 14:12, the morning star clearly refers to Lucifer, as the angel of light falling from heaven, being cast down to earth. In Rev 22:16, Jesus identifies himself as the morning star, as he was given the star by God himself, in Rev 2:28.

Jesus and Lucifer seem to have been one and the same figure, both in the original scriptures, and if you look carefully, even in the scriptures of today.

Black Pope - White Pope

Both good and evil is gathered in One entity, just like the “Black Pope” and the “White Pope” of Rome.

This is how the game is still being played, on purpose, by the few who know about the truth – the so called “enlightened ones”. This knowledge is the very foundation of their secret societies and their satanic rituals.

Now, the Morning star and the Evening star is of course one and the same planet Venus. When seen in the morning it represents the “good light” of daytime (the sun), and when seen in the evening it represents the “evil darkness” of the night (the moon).

(By the way, ENKI is an anagram for the goddess NIKE, which is the prototype for Saint NICOLAS (Santa Claus), which is sometimes used as a NICKname for the DEVIL)

(While talking brands, the evil ARIMAN hides in the name of ARMANI)


All religions come from the Zodiac and the Elements

If you look beyond the oldest written stories, you will find that the origin of religion is found in the sky – the Sun, the Moon and the Stars – and of course also the elements – the Earth, the Winds, the Waters and the Fire.

The twelve figures of the Zodiac are the original “Gods” of the Greek Pantheon, and also the origin of the “Twelve Tribes” of Israel, the “Twelve Apostles”, and the Twelve of anything else.

This is why religions all over the world seem to share the same concepts.

Zodiac - Grå

The Underworld

The origin of the underworld concept is very simple. Just go outside and watch the Sun moving across the sky. Then, when the Sun sets in the horizon and disappear, it has gone to the underworld – the netherworld – the world below. Same goes for the stars.

All water sources on Earth were once believed to be connected with this world below, as the seas, the rivers and the water springs all seem to reside under ground level. All water was therefore seen as an entrance to this hidden world.

This is why most gods representing the underworld are also gods over the waters. And now comes the Age of Aquarius, for the first time in an aeon, and along with it comes the Neo(-ther) World Order. It’s harvest time. Our self-nominated leaders here on earth will choose who lives and dies.

The “Divine” Plan of the Ages

An age lasts for about 2 000 years, and the age of Pisces belonged to Jesus and Christianity, just like the age of Aries the Ram belonged to Moses and Judaism. After each age comes “the end” and a new beginning.

For each new age the top of the pyramid is cut off and preserved for the coming new age. The rest are judged unworthy and undesirables, and are sentenced to “hell”. This process has already started.

Is your “Eye” open? If so, please tell others, because time is running out. The ultimate deception of mankind is near. You must understand that God is not involved in this process, only deceitful humans who want to rule the world.