TV watching causes mental illness

Just like TV commercials make you by things, TV shows are selling perceptions of reality about the society you live in. Same goes for radio, books and newspapers, through which you get your daily doses of the twisted kind of reality the world leaders want you to perceive.

TV radio tidningar ljuger och manipulerar dig

The picture of reality presented by the media is totally different from the reality you actually live in, and because of this programming of our mindset, hundreds of millions of people are now taking psychotic drugs, just to keep on living in this disturbed society with its overwhelming contradictions.

If you truly open your eyes while watching your next TV show or documentary, and just consider for a moment what is actually being presented to you, you’ll realise that someone wants to sell you something, even in-between the commercials. (Search: predictive programming)

The devil is in the details, and little by little, you are made to believe.

TV hjärntvätt programmering

Flashing light triggers mental disorder

Television is most dangerous to your mental health, not only because of the twisted reality being presented to you, but also because of the many so-called “light effects” that are suddenly being flashed before your eyes.

If you’re not too young, you might remember the warnings about flashing light effects, especially common in the discotheques, that could induce an epileptic attack. Today people are watching these harmful effects in almost every movie and TV show. Not much, but little by little, and just enough.

This is unnatural to your sensitive brain. (Search: Photosensitive Epilepsy)

Same goes for repeated patterns and flashing images – you might experience several images per second on todays shows, which is very stressful and harmful for your sensitive mind.

Even certain sounds are harmful

Certain frequencies also may create a disturbance of your nervous system. These sounds are used in movies and especially in music of the younger clientele, to create “special effects” for sensitive auditory organs. (Search: sound trigger seizures)

TV skapar psykisk ohälsa hos barn genom hjärntvätt

Why are they doing this?

One would almost believe they are doing this to us on purpose. But would they? Yes, they most certainly would, because the leaders of this world are trying to force tremendous change to the world, on a scale never seen before, and they have merely just begun.

To succeed with their new world order-“master plan”, they need to nullify all resistance. By all possible means, they will force people to submission. They will put great pressure on us all, in many ways. It has obviously already begun. Those who cannot adapt will be judged unworthy and undesirable.

TV and main stream media are excellent tools to manipulate the masses to think the “right kind of thoughts”, or even better, not to think at all. If you wonder who these people are, you only have to think about who are in charge of the movie industry, television and the main stream media.

Those running this world, from the top of the pyramid, do not have the best in mind for humankind. If you are awakening and start to see what is really going on, please tell others, because time is running out, and the ultimate deception of humankind is near.

Media manipulation ny världsordning

Stop listening to their lies. Turn off your TV, and stop reading their polluted papers. Look for alternative news online. Maybe we could at least change the direction of where things are heading, but for a world in peace and harmony, the pyramid would have to be completely destroyed.


Belief In Reincarnation – The Ultimate Form Of Slavery

Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after death, begins a new life in a new body. This doctrine is a central tenet of the Indian religions.

People who believe in this are doomed to slavery.

I am truly convinced there’s afterlife awaiting us all – that when I die my energy will be released from my body – but I refuse to believe that man is compelled to be re-living one life after the other, until some kind of personal developement is fulfilled.

Consider this:

As a religious man or woman with a traditional belief in reincarnation, you have but one direction to choose: accept your lot in life and do your best to improve your personal qualities, and you might gain a better life after rebirth.

This must be the most hilarious dream for politicians, to be able to rule upon people who actually believe they are here to accept anything as their lot in life.

No complaints,  no revolutions, just pure acceptance.

Yet, the “chosen ones” keep on living their lives to the fullest, on the expense of the many at the bottom of the pyramid. Yes, even in India.

Faith – Destiny

If you believe in traditional reincarnation, you also believe in faith, and your endless need for personal improvement, to be granted a better life after rebirth. This means that there’s not much you can do to change anything, other than your own perception of things. Think Positive, Right?

If you find it hard to accept inequality and injustice, you are told that this is the very reason you are alive, so that you can learn to accept it. If you manage to overcome your natural human needs, you might be rewarded in your next life. One day you might perhaps even be granted a life that bears som meaning.

Meditation and Yoga

You are told not to compete with others, but to compete with yourself. Through meditation and yoga you are supposed to become a better person. You are told that you have to learn to accept things as they are, because you cannot change them, as you believe in destiny. You are taught only to change things that you are empowered to change, your own behavior and perception of things.

This way you should learn to love your enemy, to be as happy as possible, anytime, and never be frustrated about anything. Even though you’re deceived by your government and society. Even though someone else is given the promised employment that you’ve strived so hard for to get.

I know, you were never supposed to strive for such things in the first place. You are not supposed to strive for anything more than to become a better person. If others around you get whatever they desire, never you mind.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Meditation and Yoga is more or less the same thing as KBT – focus on positive thinking and learn to live with your lot in life, and to never complain.

This is being brought to the western world on a large-scale now. It is being used in every possible way towards the population, together with heavy use of psychiatric medication. You see, for some reason the people of the North-Western hemisphere are in a rapidly declining bad state. Wonder why? Take a trip to your nearest down town and take a look around you, and you will see one of the main reasons to this.

The people behind these changes have merely started their terror. I hope YOU are not too heavily medicated to be able to see what is going on around you. The ultimate deception of mankind is near.

“By peace he shall destroy many”  (Daniel 8:25)




A Free Man is Free from Taxation

Are you dreaming of becoming a truly free human being? If so, what do you think is preventing you from being free today?

We are all longing for freedom, in one way or another, but when it comes do defining  what freedom is actually about, most people tend not to see just What is preventing them from reaching that state of freedom.

Unfree - Freedom only for chosen ones

Fact is that we live within a fundamentally unjust system, which is run by a few self-nominated individuals, who are working hard to deceive your mind, to prevent you from realising what your life should actually be like.

There are truly free men, and women living in this world today, and they are running their fortunate lives on behalf of the unfree.

Labour is Taxation – Egypt

In ancient Egypt the meaning of the word taxes was equal to labour. This system is still in use today. To be able to pay your taxes, you have to make money. To make money, you have to work. In other words, you work to pay taxes, not to make a living.

While working for society, you also work for the rulers of this world, the truly free men. This will go on for as long as people believe that they themselves have chosen to work.

Most people also believe that all people are equal in this society, and that working for society is working for oneself, right?

Wrong. Forced labour is slavery. At least in my perception of reality. Your sole option would be to beg for your food.

The Ancient system of taxation

Since the beginning of history of mankind, there has been a few leaders to rule upon the many. They were called by many names, but the most ancient names we have are those of gods, demigods and kings.

The ancient leaders thought they were of a divine bloodline, having once descended from the gods themselves. The “free men” of today make no exception from this belief.


The ancient kings gave themselves the right to raise taxes from people living on their lands, and when the great kings won victory over new lands, the lesser kings became their allies. These allies had the function of collecting taxes from the people and to give half of it all to the victorious king, the rest they would keep as payment for their services and military forces.

The lesser kings in their turn, gave tax exemption to their most obedient servants – dukes and barons and other “Free Lords” – the so-called “nobility”. [freiherren in german, freeman in english]

The Freemen of today

Society is run the very same way today, although, the individuals being subject to exemption have changed from time to time; yet, the top of the pyramid remains the same, and is still held up by obedient slaves.

Today, the power to levy taxes belongs to so-called “democratic” authorities, but the free men are still here, and they still don’t pay taxes.

Novus Ordo Seclorum

This why the elite try so hard to teach us that we live in a just and democratic society, and that all humans are equal to one another. This is false indoctrination. What they really mean is, that everyone at the bottom of the pyramid are equal among themselves. The ones at the top of the pyramid don’t even consider themselves as part of mankind, no, they truly imagine themselves as divine, with a god-given right to judge and to rule.

You will never read about this in the press, nor will you watch it on your TV, as the owners of media of today are part of the game. Not even on the Internet is there much to find on this topic, as the last thing they want is people to see behind their curtains and smokescreens.

Are you awake? If so, please tell others, as we need to free ourselves from this bondage, once and for all.