Origin of the Trinity – YHWH

Enki, Enlil & Ninhursaga

The letter “W” in YHWH symbolises the Trinity, but not the version you may have been taught, as Father, Son and Spirit. (See explanation further on).

The origin of the trinity concept can be found in the most ancient scriptures in the world – the writings of Proto Sumerian religion – as three divine entities who first descended on Earth, named Enki, Enlil and Ninhursaga, thus, two males and one female, having come into existence through the holy spirit of An.

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YH – “Behold Spirit”

First letters YH (Yod+Heh), is depicting the godly spirit of heaven becoming earth-bound in the letter W (Vav), as three different entities, in one and the same letter. The Holy Spirit of the One true God was in the most ancient scriptures bearing the name “An“, and his three gods on Earth bore the masculine prefix of “En-” (Enki/Enlil), and the feminine version of “Nin-” (Ninhursaga).

While the Hebrew sign for “Vav” is depicted as one divine entity – the “holy Spirit of Yod” having become earthbound as “Vav” – the letter “W” is instead showing three divine beings, as One.

The godly prefix of “En-” was later transcribed to “El-“, as in  “Elohim”, which is still today the Hebrew word for “radiant, godly beings”. (In the Swedish language the name of An has been well transliterated in the word “ande”, meaning spirit, as “of An” – “An-de”.)

WH – “Behold Trinity”

The Spirit of heavenly “An” was materialized on earth, as three divine entities. These gods then created “Man“, in their image,  who was considered as half god, through blending their holy genes with those (creatures) already living on Earth.

Then they also created a servant to “Man”, who was given the name “Enkidu“, today called “Son of Man” / “Kind of Man” (Kind means child), or simply “Mankind“. The Sumerian creationism has clearly been taken on by the Hebrews.

Demonic nails & divine entities

The Hebrew meaning of the letter “vav” is “nail”. Although, the Hebrew sign is formed as one single nail, thus as the letter “V”. Now, put the letters V + A + V toghether as “VAV” attached to one another. What do you get? Yes, three V-letters, one turned up side down, forms the letter “W”.

This indicates that also the letter “W” should be interpreted as one nail threefold. This is the reason to why “three nails” have been associated with Jesus Christ and the crucifixion, and also the reason to why three nails are associated with demons.

The movie “The Rite”, with Anthony Hopkins starring, is a good example of this, as a girl possessed by a demon vomits three large iron nails at the end of the exorcism, as the demon leaves her body.

Another example is the popular Monster brand, which if you look carefully depicts three nails as the letter M. Also many Hollywood Monsters always give a scratching with three scars on their vicitms.

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 Signs of demonic power

This is something that our masters have chosen not to reveal to mankind, while at the same time they love showing it quite openly, through their mysticism and symbolism. This is a childish game they are playing, by teaching lies to the ignorant masses, while keeping truth for themselves. The result: confusion among the sheeple, and them feeling empowered.

If you learn to recognize the many signs representing trinity, you will start to see them in many names and places, especially as logos of large global corporations, and as the coat of arms of some very old nobility.

And just like the meaning of a pyramid is changing by pointing up or down, so does the trinity, by turning the letter “W” into the letter “M”, which means the “netherworld”. By this flip, the three heavenly gods of the trinity are instead three demons of the underworld.

Origin of Sumerian religion

Way before even the Sumerian religion, there were many gods, of the waters and the vegetation, but naturally the sun was the most high in the cold northern hemisphere and the Moon was preferred in the south, as the sun was rather destructive to the people. Good and evil, as light and darkness, has always been interwoven and part of religion.

Sun and Moon

If there was a “trinity” in those times, it would have been the Sun God – the “Shining One “, the “Mother of Earth” and the “Moon of darkness”, who was also seen as the the giver of light, as the enlightener of dark places. Also the most shining stars and planets had their roles to play, which later formed the Astrology, out of star signs, timelines and equinoxes of the Zodiac. (The morning star has always been surrounded by mysterious telling. Please read my article about Jesus ans Lucifer.)

The Kish tablets

If you want to study Sumerian original scriptures, avoid the Akkadian and Babylonian versions. Search for “Gilgamesh epic cycle”. There are translations of the very first scriptures, the “Kish tablets“, from Oxford University:

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