Lucifer – Enki / Jesus – Enkidu

The ultimate sacrifice of God was to send his beloved son from heaven to earth, to die for the sins of mankind. This story has been told throughout the ages, in different versions and in most parts of the world. But there is an original story behind them all, the oldest story ever written – The Epics of Gilgames, of the Kish tablets – containing five amazing epics about the ancient hero king Gilgamec [pronounced ‘Gilgamesh’].

In this article I will refer to the Sumerian “Flood tablets”, the Bible, and the story of “Gilgamesh, Enkidu and the Netherworld”: (Try to avoid the later Akkadian and Babylonian versions of these tablets as they are all manipulated to better fit the history of a certain people.)

The Bull - The Beast

Gilgamesh slaying the Bull/the Beast, Huwawah, together with Enkidu, his follower.

Enki is Lucifer

Enki is one of the Trinity-Gods (Enki, Enlil and Ninhursaga), who first descended on earth. He was created by An, the One creator God, and was the first-born “Son of god”. Enki disobeyed his father and was punished for having saved mankind (yes), from destruction by a great flood. Therefore Enki was sent to the “Netherworld” (the underworld), to do repentance. One day he would rise again and return to his father’s side in the heavens.

In this story, the first to have ever been written, it seems pretty much as God’s ultimate sacrifice was his once beloved angel Lucifer (as we call him today). Lucifer was created by God, and he was thereby a Son of God. He disobeyed his father and got cast down to the underworld to do repentance, to one day be released again.

In the same story we recognize this Son of God as Jesus Christ, who saved mankind and who also got sacrificed by his father. There is both good and evil – light and darkness – in both Lucifer and Jesus. At least in the original scriptures. Apparently, they are both derived from the same source. Read on.

Enkidu is Jesus

“Enkidu” is a figure of the same ancient source – the Kish Tablets and the fourth epic of “Gilgames, Enkidu and the Netherworld”. In this part of the tablets, Enkidu was created by the Trinity-Gods (not by An) in the image of Man, as a “Son of Man”.

(This is why Genesis is telling about the creation of man i “our” image, as there were three gods involved, not one.)

Enkidu was sent by his Lord to the Netherworld to find the secret behind eternal life. Enkidu sacrificed himself and died in the underworld, after having committed all sins there was, despite of the many warnings from his Lord. But he was saved and returned to his master as a ghost. He then tells his master about the “Order of the Netherworld” or, as we call it today “the neo(-ther) world order” (N.W.O.)

(Etymology of the word ‘nether’ is from old English word ‘neoϷer’ from Greek word ‘neiothen’, which means neos and neo means “new”. Farfetched? Indeed, and exactly the way They want it, so that sleepy mankind wouldn’t understand.)

It seems pretty much as if the figure Enkidu was the forerunner of Jesus Christ, as he sacrificed himself and “died for all sins”, but got resurrected in the end and returned to his Lord.

In the same story, we recognize Enkidu as Lucifer, as he was sacrificed and sent to the underworld, for having committed great sins against his lords will, but got saved and released from the underworld.

Good and evil – light and darkness – in the same being, of the same source. (Not convinced? Read on…)


Jesus and Lucifer – The Morning Star

Both Lucifer and Jesus were sent from heaven to earth to be sacrificed by their same father and creator, and both returned from the underworld. The Bible tells us about the Morning star belonging to Lucifer. In the same Bible the Morning star was given to Jesus Christ.

In Isaiah 14:12, the morning star clearly refers to Lucifer, as the angel of light falling from heaven, being cast down to earth. In Rev 22:16, Jesus identifies himself as the morning star, as he was given the star by God himself, in Rev 2:28.

Jesus and Lucifer seem to have been one and the same figure, both in the original scriptures, and if you look carefully, even in the scriptures of today.

Black Pope - White Pope

Both good and evil is gathered in One entity, just like the “Black Pope” and the “White Pope” of Rome.

This is how the game is still being played, on purpose, by the few who know about the truth – the so called “enlightened ones”. This knowledge is the very foundation of their secret societies and their satanic rituals.

Now, the Morning star and the Evening star is of course one and the same planet Venus. When seen in the morning it represents the Good Light of daytime (the sun), and when seen in the evening it represents the Evil Darkness of the night (the moon).

(By the way, ENKI is an anagram for the goddess NIKE, which is the prototype for Saint NICOLAS (Santa Claus), which is sometimes used as a NICKname for the DEVIL)

(While talking brands, the evil ARIMAN hides in the name of ARMANI)


All religions come from the Zodiac and the Elements

If you look beyond the oldest written stories, you will find that the origin of religion is found in the sky – the Sun, the Moon and the Stars – and of course also the elements – the Earth, the Winds, the Waters and the Fire.

The twelve figures of the Zodiac are the original “Gods” of the Greek Pantheon, and also the origin of the “Twelve Tribes” of Israel, the “Twelve Apostles”, and the Twelve of anything else.

This is why religions all over the world seem to share the same concepts.

Zodiac - Grå

The Underworld

The origin of the underworld concept is very simple. Just go outside and watch the Sun moving across the sky. Then, when the Sun sets in the horizon and disappear, it has gone to the underworld – the netherworld – the world below. Same goes for the stars.

All water sources on Earth were once believed to be connected with this world below, as the seas, the rivers and the water springs all seem to reside under ground level. All water was therefore seen as an entrance to this hidden world.

This is why most gods representing the underworld are also gods over the waters. And now comes the Age of Aquarius, for the first time in an aeon, and along with it comes the Neo(-ther) World Order. It’s harvest time. Our self-nominated leaders here on earth will choose who lives and dies.

The “Divine” Plan of the Ages

An age lasts for about 2 000 years, and the age of Pisces belonged to Jesus and Christianity, just like the age of Aries the Ram belonged to Moses and Judaism. After each age comes “the end” and a new beginning.

For each new age the top of the pyramid is cut off and preserved for the coming new age. The rest are judged unworthy and undesirables, and are sentenced to “hell”. This process has already started.

Is your “Eye” open? If so, please tell others, because time is running out. The ultimate deception of mankind is near. You must understand that God is not involved in this process, only deceitful humans who want to rule the world.


22 thoughts on “Lucifer – Enki / Jesus – Enkidu

  1. Is this true? I really want to know and how do you know ? was it proven to you?Is that why they call it secret society?Is just to lure people into NWO.NWO been existing we work for money just to give it back in taxes.seems to me good and bad the same so what is the purpose for something that already is.

    • My dearest Jacques,

      If you truly want to find truth, you must use your own bodily temple. This temple is the most holy one, and it resides within yourself. Go there and ask for guidance and understanding.

      “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

  2. Is there a name for this knowledge? Gnosticism has the same properties, but most Gnostic litterature doesn’t mention Enki/Lucifer as the benevolent one. Are there any books you could recommend me for further enlightenment reg a riding this subject? I remember having read a book which was in essence another Bible, but containing the true story of the world with Gnostic undertones, with Lucifer in the center.

    All I come across when looking for books on Luciferianism are these bogus “satanists” holding black masses with upside down crosses reciting the bible backwards.

    • The truth cannot be found in any book. There is only clues and fragments to be found in the written works of this world. There is no name for this knowledge either. No name of this world would be worthy enough to label the truth. The only reliable source is to be found from within yourself. When you accept and get in tune with the forces of Universe you feel the spirit of enlightenment. The best way to reach this state is to meditate, and to open up your pineal gland. Also stop poisoning your body. You will then be able to receive, see and understand what is right and wrong with anything you read, hear or feel.

      If you still want to read books, I suggest you study the Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey. Compare the Bible and the Quran. Also study the Talmudic scriptures. Then, study the Kish tablets and the Anunnaki mythology. You might want to read the Martinus Cosmology to get a different world view. There’s also some good stuff written by Reuben Swinburne Clymer. Taken together, these might give you some enlightenment.
      /Most Humbly Yours

  3. I Love your post and I truly agree with every thing you stated. I myself see it this way . Thank you for sharing !

    • Hi June!
      In this new world order, the master elite of this world will establish one global government, one global judicial system, and one global court of law (and they will put themselves as our judges). They also want to create one global economic system, one global language, and one global system of education.

      The new world order also consists of blending all humans into one single race, with one single culture (except for themselves, as their own culture will remain as distinct and valuable). Our masters will then make the only “pure-blooded” – the righteous ones – to rule over all others; that is, the ones who still remain after the great depopulation. The ultimate deception of mankind is now unfolding, and billions will sadly have to die. (Please read my other articles for more information:

  4. I was born and raised into Jehovah’s Witness religion.
    When I found it to be lies and deception and that Jehovah-Enlil was/ is the hater and destroyer of human life I was devestaed. This shook my world and broke my heart.
    Do you have the same understanding, of Enlil being the true evil one and Enki the one who we were taught is Satan is the good. Do you believe that the three are who we know today as Isis, Osiris and Set?
    Is this why I was taught that if I looked at the sun or study the stars God jehovah would destroy me?
    I’m still so hurt…lost really

    • Dear Tanikkia, I want you to remember, that the spirit of God, which I know you have felt within your heart, is still your same God, no matter what you call “him”.

      Enki saved and enlightened humanity, and therefore it seems to us that Enki is good and Enlil is bad. But Enlil obeyed his father, while Enki did not. Good or bad? It’s difficult for us to decide, as we are in a very poor state of mind.

      Sometimes I think the whole of humanity deserves to be wiped out, and that our souls would be happier if released from the flesh. In that case, perhaps God (An) was being merciful instead of evil, when he saw that the human creation was far from perfected, and therefore wanted to take us away?

      Isis, Osiris and Set are the very same trinity as Ninhursaga, Enki and Enlil (in that order). It’s important to remember that the creation of man, and of mankind, was Their doing, not God’s.

      To me, Jehovah is not God, nor is it Enlil. More about this here:

    • I believe that enlil is the good one , and that enki is the mad scientist Enlil ordered the flood so that all the monsters, chemeras, etc that enki created and those who had not been given free will, could go back to where they came from to be released from the body prison these poor creatures were in. Just like today with the cloning, transhumanism etc and coming cyborgs with this technology we have today. But enki gave orders to (Noah, his half son) to build the ark so that enki could go on with his monstrous creations in today’s world. The ark was loaded with dna, etc. not full bodied animals etc.Enlil, like his father and mother, believed that all creatures should have free will and treated with respect. That is the short story of how i understand it. I got this understanding from the Wes Penre papers

  5. Hi netherworld order, I share the same thoughts as you. Enki is the father of humanity. Although I would like to hear what you think the grand deception will consist of? And your thoughts about a malevolent entity named Satan that is distinct from Lucifer.

    • Harvest time is approaching. This is what the ultimate deception of mankind is all about. The ignorant masses are not aware of what is awaiting them. They don’t see the signs, and they don’t even bother looking for them, and sometimes I can’t help myself but thinking they actually deserve to be wiped out. Thing is though, they will not necessarily be, as “the chosen ones” will also do some choosing.

      The problem is that there’s no God behind this harvest, there’s only people of flesh and blood believing they have a divine god-given right to destroy. Religious people see this, but they are not aware of that “God” is not involved in this process.
      I believe in God as the most high creator of universe, but I don’t believe in the deceitful plans of those who manipulated the scriptures. Huge parts of the scriptures are missing, and they left it out on purpose, so that ordinary people would not fully understand.

      How will they do it? I could talk for hours on this subject, but to make a very long story short: they will put pressure on us all, in many ways. It has already begun. Those who cannot take it are judged unworthy and undesirable. When they go under, there will be no-one to blame, as everything they do is made by “the invisible hand”. Intelligent people though, and yes I am one of them, we see it all coming. But when we try to speak it out, we are being ridiculed and over-run. What to do but try to spread as much of the truth as possible?

      About Satan. I don’t believe the Figure Satan is one entity, but more like a concept of evil. I do believe Satan is the deceiver, walking amongst us. I do believe in the words of “Jesus”, that he was right on the spot. As you know, he points out the evil doers of this world.

      • Netherworldorder great post! Most everything spot on in my opinion. I very much view Enki as our creator, and our savior at various intervals in those early years. Also I adamantly reject any connection between Jehovah/Enlil and Jesus. To think the two are in any way related is blindness. For one to grasp the true origin of Judeo Christian religion we must understand that Abrahams (first jew) beliefs pre Yahweh were the same as everyone else’s. First 11 chapters of Genesis in escence plagiarism. So we must question everything about this book, especially when we have Constantine and the council of Nicea to thank for it. Men like you and I nothing more. On the other hand and possibly contradictory to our mindset I do believe Jesus had it right as you said, I do believe he was here and I do believe his message was truthful. To your explanation on Enki being Anu first born, I also believe he should be first in line even though this honor was granted to Enlil based on his mother being the legitimate wife. About this harvest you speak of.. I realized a while back that it doesn’t matter. Really it does not. We as a species, as a whole, in general are pathetic and that is an understatement. Sadly we are destined to be the masters of our own undoing. A bit pessimistic wouldn’t you say? Either way, may it be the world ending and no one showing up to see the fireworks and save us or the New Jerusalem decending upon us I highly doubt you or I will be here. Best regards Netherworldorder well done.

      • Hi there Blayze, thank you for commenting. It is always nice to meet someone else who is awake.

        Harvest time though, consists of a massive depopulation agenda that is already unfolding. The masters of this world are putting great pressure on us, in many ways, to reduce “the cancer” of the earth. At the same time they are fulfilling the Abrahamic prophecies, as they once wrote themselves. They will hold on to the top of the pyramid, and will continue to rule the remains of mankind in their new world order.

        This is the very reason to why I write. My eye is open, and I see these people manipulating humanity so badly. It would be so very sad if they would keep doing this even after “the deluge”. But then, on the other hand, we would indeed be pathetic and blind as a species, perhaps even deserving to be ruled upon by these maniacs.

    • I believe that enlil is the good one , and that enki is the mad scientist Enlil ordered the flood so that all the monsters, chemeras, etc that enki created and those who had not been given free will, could go back to where they came from to be released from the body prison these poor creatures were in. Just like today with the cloning, transhumanism etc and coming cyborgs with this technology we have today. But enki gave orders to (Noah, his half son) to build the ark so that enki could go on with his monstrous creations in today’s world. The ark was loaded with dna, etc. not full bodied animals etc.Enlil, like his father and mother, believed that all creatures should have free will and treated with respect. That is the short story of how i understand it. I got this understanding from the Wes Penre papers

  6. Marduk filho de Enki (filho de uma reptiliana e de Anu), meio irmão de Enlil proclamaria a si mesmo como o “Deus entre os deuses”. Depois, mudaria para “Deus” apenas. E toda vez que se pronunciasse a palavra Deus, a imagem dominadora, repressora e temível de Marduk estaria por trás. O politeísmo agora daria lugar ao monoteísmo de Marduk. Ele dominaria através do medo; e isto ele tem feito até os dias de hoje. E sim, é bem possível que o conto de Jesus tenha sido conveniente contada (farsa), fazendo vale a pessoa de Enki, até hoje salvaguardado pelas escolas de mistérios como a mais antiga dela, a escola da serpente criada por Enki e após absorvida pela maçonaria…

    • Hi Alexandre,
      You might be right about Marduk being the supreme God of freemasonry. This is the God of Babylon. The name of Marduk most probably derived from MERI.DUG/AMAR.UTU. Utu was the supreme God, the Sun God, and as thus, the same deity as An (Anu), which is the original.

      I prefer not to care too much about Babylon (although I know this is the very religion that rules our world today).
      To understand the history of religion you must stay close to its origin. Then you realize that the self-nominated “chosen people” of this Earth, have no divine right whatsoever to feed and to rule upon us. It is all fraud. But many of them, aparently, believe it to be true for themselves.

  7. Isn’t Enlil the God of the Old Testament and Enki called “Lucifer” in the Bible (they are half brothers)? Since we are a creation of Enki, Jesus would be the Son of Enki which makes him (Jesus) the son of the devil.

    Your “Morning Star” part is confusing/contradictory. Jesus cannot be the father of himself.

    • Hi John!
      It might be that Enlil is the God of the Old Testament, as the evil force of destruction that he is. He was the one to send the flood to destroy mankind, but he was ordered by God (An) to do this.

      Jesus is a son of Man, as he calls Himself through the Bible. He is not a son of God. Also the Messiah is said to be a son of Man. Now, the son of Man is a creation of the Trinity Gods Enlil, Enki and Ninhursaga, not a creation of An, God himself.

      In Isaiah 14:12 the Morning Star clearly refers to Lucifer, as the angel of light falling from heaven, being cast down to earth.
      In Revelation 22:16, Jesus identifies Himself as the morning star. He was also given the Morning Star by God himslef, in Revelation 2:28.

      Confusing, yes. Why? Because Lucifer and Jesus are derived from the same figure.

      NEVER FORGET THOUGH, the origin of all religion is to be found in the night sky and the elements. It is all ancient myths and fairytales. I believe in God, but unfortunately, God is not to be found within neither the Bible, nor the Talmud or the Quran.

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